Native Wisconsin bees, part 1


Over 500 species of native bees call Wisconsin home. We recently partnered with the Neville Public Museum in Green Bay for their popular exhibit: Bees!

The WIRC loaned bee specimens and provided high resolution images of native Wisconsin bees. Museum staff made large prints and displayed them during the exhibit. These images are from that collaboration. See the rest of the bee images in image Gallery 3.


HALICTIDAE, Agapostemon sericeus (Forster)
HALICTIDAE, Agapostemon virescens (Fabricius)
HALICTIDAE, Augochlora pura (Say)
HALICTIDAE, Augochlorella aurata Smith
HALICTIDAE, Dieunomia heteropoda (Say)
HALICTIDAE, Dufourea monardae (Viereck)
HALICTIDAE, Halictus confusus Smith
HALICTIDAE, Lasioglossum oceanicum (Cockerell)
HALICTIDAE, Lasioglossum texanum (Cresson)
HALICTIDAE, Sphecodes davisii Robertson