Lutz Bayer (1968–1973). Bayer’s contributions to the WIRC were limited, as his life was tragically cut short at the age of 33 as a result of a car accident. According to the memorial article in Hexapod (1973), “[Bayer’s] nearly catholic interest in natural history was most intensely expressed in his studies of spiders and Lepidoptera, particularly the nymphalid butterflies. He was also familiar with most things botanical, and his interests are shown by the fact that at the time of his death he had as pets two parrots, a boa constrictor, and two large spiders. He was deeply interested in preservation of natural resources. Lutz was active in the Wisconsin Entomological Society, one of the principals in its founding in 1968, and a member of its Executive Council. He also served as President of the Society in 1972 and was the first editor of the W.E.S. Newsletter. A number of publications appeared under his co-authorship, embracing such things as the Dermestidae, Nymphalidae, and Cerambycidae of Wisconsin, termite nutrition, and insects on prickly ash. His work in furthering the organization and cataloging the [WIRC] collection will contribute permanently to our knowledge of insects of the State of Wisconsin.